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By using www.sharealpha.co, you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions described below. Please note that the conditions stated here can be modified at any time.

1. Limitation of Liability

ShareAlpha, its personnel, directors, affiliated entities, partners or licensors cannot be held liable for any damages, whether monetary or otherwise, presented as resulting from the use of the Website www.sharealpha.co. This Website or the emails from ShareAlpha are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to advise the public. They cannot in any way substitute for the services of a professional financial advisor.

For financial advice or advice relating to a particular situation, it is necessary to consult a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or other licensed professional.

Thus, nothing on the Website www.sharealpha.co or in the emails sent by ShareAlpha can be interpreted as being: • a financial advice or opinion; • a recommendation on how to act; • an answer that applies directly to a specific situation.

By using www.sharealpha.co, the user agrees to be held liable for his financial portfolio and his investment decisions.

ShareAlpha suggests however that any user should conduct his own independent research and verify any information contained on the Website before making any investment decision. Previous results do not guarantee the same results in the future. The value and income of investments is subject to fluctuation.

2. Hyperlinks to Other Sites

The Website www.sharealpha.co contains hyperlinks to sites operated by third-party organizations, including the third-party Hashtag Investing (www.hashtaginvesting.com), a ShareAlpha partner. By clicking on these hyperlinks, the user leaves the Website www.sharealpha.co. ShareAlpha has no control over the operation of these sites. The fact that they are listed in the pages of the Website www.sharealpha.co does not make ShareAlpha liable in any way.

3. Use of the Information Published on the Website

The information on the Website www.sharealpha.co is made available to all users subscribed to the ShareAlpha platform and, unless otherwise notified, ShareAlpha and its affiliated entities, partners or licensors are entitled to the copyrights relating to these texts. The information published or displayed on www.sharealpha.co may not, except for personal purposes, be disseminated, copied, reproduced, distributed, published, displayed, adapted, modified or translated in any way without ShareAlpha having previously consented.

If ShareAlpha consents to the use of any information posted on the Website, a written agreement will be established by ShareAlpha and signed by the parties. The terms and conditions will be formulated in the agreement. It will be necessary to ensure :

To establish such an agreement, send a request to info@sharealpha.co.

4. Integrity and Accuracy of the Information and Access to the Website

ShareAlpha strives to ensure that the information and content available on the Website is complete, accurate and timely. This information and content come from sources that ShareAlpha deem reliable and are regularly updated. However, they may contain inaccuracies, omissions, typographical errors or other deficiencies. As a result, the Website and all of its Content are made available to users “as is” without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

The Website www.sharealpha.co is accessible via the Internet and in standard Internet formats. ShareAlpha reserves the right to change these formats at any time and it is the responsibility of the user to obtain at his own expense access to the Internet and all software necessary to access the Website. ShareAlpha reserves the right to correct any errors or change the content without notice. At its sole discretion, in addition to all other rights and remedies available to ShareAlpha, and without liability, ShareAlpha may, at any time and without notice, terminate or restrict access to any material of the Website.

5. Trademarks, Software, Graphical Elements and Photos

Nothing on the Website www.sharealpha.co shall be construed as granting to anyone any license or right to use a trademark, software or graphical element appearing thereon. If ShareAlpha consents to the use of a trademark, software or graphical element, a written agreement will be established by ShareAlpha and signed by the parties. This agreement will set out the terms and conditions for the use of trandemarks, software and graphical elements.

To establish such an agreement, send a request to info@sharealpha.co.

Furthermore, photos published on the Website www.sharealpha.co cannot be republished, retransmitted or reproduced in any way whatsoever.

6. Requests for Financial Information

ShareAlpha does not provide financial information other than through its Website and online tools. Thus, ShareAlpha does not respond to any email or other communication aimed at obtaining information or financial advice for personal purposes.

7. Transactions

The Website www.sharealpha.co was created for educational and informational purposes only. No monetary transaction is made on the site, for the time being. The Website currently offers its services without fees but this may change at any time. For anyone wishing to subscribe to the services offered by ShareAlpha, please send an inquiry to info@sharealpha.co.

8. Termination

ShareAlpha reserves the right, to its sole discretion, to terminate access to all or part of the Website, with or without notice, particularly in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

9. Confidentiality

Personal information sent to ShareAlpha by email will be kept confidential unless the organization has obtained your consent to their use for other purposes. Aside from this information, ShareAlpha does not collect any personal information about site visitors or users of the Website www.sharealpha.co. Note that the emails that can be sent to ShareAlpha do not constitute a communication protected by professional secrecy.

10. Applicable Law

The content and use of the Website www.sharealpha.co are governed by the applicable laws of Quebec and Canada. The non-compliance may lead to legal action. These Terms and Conditions, as well as any conflict or disagreement arising from their application, shall be construed in accordance with these laws.

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