Leverage an intuitive 3-step investment process based on factor investing to improve returns, improve diversification and reduce risk

Save Time

Our factor technology will help you analyze thousands of stocks in seconds to find the most attractive ones

Objective Ranking

Our quantitative investment process takes out negative emotions from investing and helps you be rational


Our platform provides you with all the information you need to invest. If you are not ready to invest with real money; build a mockup portfolio to learn about factor investing

by factors

Combining Over 50 years of research

Screen by factors that have been proven to provide persistent abnormal returns like momentum, value, small size, low volatility, quality or profitability; or combine them to build a unique investment strategy in the USA or Canada.

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A complete performance analysis for better decision

Select a monthly investment strategy based on your comfort level of risk and return to better understand how it performs during good and bad times.

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Not convinced by the final portfolio!

Better understand each stock based on its financials, its growth and how it compares to its sector and industry.

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to your watchlist

Keep a close eye on your favourite stocks

Add an entire investment strategy or your favourite stocks to your portfolio and the factor scores will be updated monthly.

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